Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Matte in the nude

 So this week is deadline week, I needed something low key so it didn't distract me. Yes this is true, don't pretend great nails don't distract you! 
For this mani I used; OPI - Nail Envy, MAC - Style tip, Sally Hansen big matte top coat and Essie - Set in stones.
This MAC nude has slightly pink undertones so I wasn't sure of at first because I have quite a pale skin tone but the matte makes it look great! 
I've seen matte nude floating around Instagram and loved some of the mani's I saw but disliked others. I had to try it for myself. At first I wasn't convinced but then I added some glitter and they really grew on me. 
My nails are all a bit of a funny shape/length at the moment but I would say this matte nude looks a lot better on slightly longer nails. 

It's so classy and goes with literally any outfit. If you're going to have a stressful week at Uni, you might as well have nice nails doing so.
Ps... The cut on my little finger is because I scratched myself. Square shaped nails can be dangerous.
I'll be doing IBD Just Gel tomorrow ready for my weekend away.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Holo lights

 Models Own - Southern Lights ... Amazing!
I found this polish at a Boots clearance about a year ago and have no idea why I have never tried it before now. It just didn't look so special in the bottle but it's such a cool purple holo colour.

However, it was a nightmare to dry! I had to re-do this mani because I got so fed up of drying time. I had to use fast dry top coat, drying spray and the ice water trick... This is definitely not an 'on the go' polish, I always paint when I know I'm going to be sat on my laptop or something but for me it was well worth the wait anyway!
I saw it in Superdrug the other day so it is still in shops if you want to give it a whirl.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Blog Birthday Giveaway

 I cannot believe Nailstori is a year old! So to celebrate I am doing a giveaway on Instagram! 

Included in the prize is;
6 Leighton Denny nail polishes
2 Nails Inc
1 mini China Glaze
2 Sally Hansen
A Cath Kidston nail kit
5 packs of nail art gems 
1 Orly nail polish
Orly hand cream
Plus many other goodies! 
(Not all prizes are included in the picture) 

Onto the rules; 
1.) This is an International giveaway - yay! 
2.) Repost the picture on my Instagram with the hashtag #nailstori1yeargiveaway and tag me in the post @nailstori 
3.) Must be following me (don’t follow to unfollow - not cool) 
4.) Must be 16 or over otherwise will need parents permission. 
5.) Your page must be public so I can view your entries
6.) I will like your entry so you know it’s valid.
7.) One entry per person. 
Ending February 13th.

Tag friends and let them know of the lush nail polish filled prize. 
Good luck! 

I’m planning to have two more nail designs on the blog this week then it’s exam week and I will be absent - so please bare with. 
Much love for reading! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ocean Ombré

Firstly, I apologise for lack of blogging - it isn't by choice. I have Uni exams and assignments that are taking over! 
So, here is a simple blue gradient, I wanted something easy to do but really colourful.
Using: OPI - Nail envy, Essie - Mint Candy Apple, Sally Hansen - New Wave Blue, Wynie - 698 and Essie - Good To Go top coat. 
I didn't use a white base colour which I normally do for gradients not sure why I didn't here but turns out I don't need one. I sponged 2/3 times to get coverage, which lasted a good week with no chipage.
This technique is so simple and gives a great mani every time, and works with almost any colour combo - perfect for a quick mid-week mani. 
Keep updated for an exciting announcement this week! 
Much love for reading and sticking around.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


 Today I'm blogging about a little swatch of OPI.
So, I got this polish for Christmas but couldn't open the bottle because it was stuck - literally haha. I finally got it open after many attempts!
Here I used - OPI - Nail Envy, Gargantuan Green Grape, Solitaire Liquid Sand and Rituals top coat. 
I love this nail polish, I haven't got a green like it so really enjoyed wearing this one. It wasn't too much of a bright green so wasn't overwhelming. 
And of course I love liquid sand because it's just great! 
 Although a little high maintenance as it needed three coats - so if you like fast drying time this maybe isn't the one for you! 
Top tip - once the nail polish is almost dry (but still dent prone) run your nails under cold water and it will set the polish. 
The ring is Topshop - but from Outfit so was on sale - of course.
Short but sweet, hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 9 January 2015

J'adore Dior

Holy lord of nail polish - I died and went to polish heaven.
I was very kindly sent these by a good family friend Leigh from across the pond - so if you read this Leigh I absolutely LOVE them, thank you so much!
They are both with two coats of colour and Rituals top coat.
The first pictures are Spring 798 - A plum/grey purple colour. 
It's such a gorgeous polish, great for everyday wear. I love darker polishes so really liked the Winter vibe. 
The other one is Star 775 - A really deep pink (it looks a bit more red in the picture)
This one looks so great on slightly longer nails and looked so good with a black outfit!

You may know that I'm kinda obsessed with nail shine so am very obsessed with these polishes.
I can't think of a single downer on these. The quality is amazing, so easy to apply and such beautiful colours.... AND no clean up at all was needed - what a dream. 
I'm off to go stare at my current nails a bit more.
Thank you Leigh & thank you Dior.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


New years eve nails!
Using: Loreal - Mystery and Sally Hansen - Big matte top coat with some gold leaf on the top. 
I forgot how much I love matte black, it is such simple look but great for an evening out. 
It was tempting not to add anything to the black polish because it looked so good in my opinion. However, I did get bored of it not long after haha. So, here is my final mani with gold leaf which I love! 
Short & sweet post today. 
I hope everyone had a great night. 
Happy 2015!